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Recording Session for a 52-piece orchestra

Last December 4th 2021 was recorded the last recording
Session for the Graduate Diploma in Film Scoring at the Film Score Academy of Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The recording was such a success interpreting cues for  scenes from Interstellar, a Sci-Fi film, the music was supervised by Andy Hill, Norman Ludwig and Ángel Sánchez. This music transports the audience to an exciting travel through the universe and the veiled mystery of the black holes.
Watch the video here:

À Laura Op. 1 was released on August 14th,2020

The Symphonic Poem "A Laura" Op. 1 is a dedication to a beloved woman, whose  music portrays her rememberings with beautiful music, it was performed by the Athens Philharmonia last December 2019 and now will be released successfully in the Album Prisma No. 4, Contemporary works for large Ensemble by Parma Recordings LLC from USA by August 14,2020. If you want to listen to this composition full of passion please visit me:             
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