Film Scoring

He is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Film Scoring at the Film Scoring Academy in Europe en Sofia, Bulgaria, taking lessons with Andy Hill, Head of the Music Department in Disney and Norman Ludwin, orchestrator Ph. D. at the UCLA University in the USA among other prominent artists.

Depicting character

Wettkampf zum Pol 4, Hamburg Studios

Captain Scott reaches the South Pole and he realizes the Norwegians had already arrived...

Scott reaches the South Pole, audio only

Scoring Dialog

Othello by Shakespeare,

Bob Hoskins, BBC 1981

End of Scene 2, Act I      I hate the moor...

Othello, Iago's monlogue audio only
Emma countryside Scene

Scoring Period and Dialogue


Director: Douglas McGrath

Gwyneth Paltrow

beautiful music describing a scene of the English Countryside of the XIX century

Creating suspense

Apocalypto, Mel Gibson 2006

Jaguar paw is chased by a jaguar and the mayan warriors, who dares kill the mythical jaguar?

jaguar´s scene audio only

Depict Drama and Heroism

Sparta, battle in the sea audio only
Interstellar cue 3 Gargantua black hole

300: Raise of an Empire (2014) Director:Noam Murro 

One of the most epic battles of the Spartans, the ancient Greeks and the Persians

Scoring a complete scene

Interstellar (2014)

Christopher Nolan

What happens when space-time get distorted? How is a black hole inside? This is something hard to imagine...but not with music!